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Lake Wobegon Trail

This is a trail which officially opened September 30, 1998. We found the trail accidentally, saw it from I-94 near Albany and exited to investigate. We can spot those bike trails!! The first question I asked was "Is there REALLY a Lake Wobegon?" The answer, of course, was "no -- the trail was given the name because this is the region Garrison Keillor talks about in his Wobegon stories." Keillor was there for the grand opening, and it made the national news.

This a 28-mile long, 10-foot wide paved trail which links the communities of Sauk Centre, Melrose, Freeport, Albany and Avon. It is designed for bicycles, walking, snowmobiles, rollerblades, skateboards, jogging and roller skates. There is a trail head located in at Albany's Legion Memorial Park which provides parking, toilet facilities and a picnic area.

We thought it was great!

There is now an official Lake Wobegon website. Please check it out for the official information: Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved