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Biking Through Iowa Farm Land on the Wabash Trace Trail

This is a 63-mile (will be 83 miles when completed) rail trail with end points at Council Bluffs and Blanchard. It goes through corn fields and cattle farms.

One of the interesting things we saw was a cattle-holding pin where a "cowboy" was cutting cattle using a four-wheeler rather than a horse. He was not having much success but we sure had fun watching!

We were there in late August and were delighted by all the monarch butterflies. Butterflies by the thousands! Sometimes it was as if we were riding through a flying flower garden!

The mural painted on the building below celebrates the old Wabash Trace steam train that went through this country for so many years. What a great way to see Iowa -- from an old railroad bed. Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved