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Bicycling in the State of Iowa
on the Three-Rivers Nature Trail

This is a 36-mile rail trail with end points at Eagle Grove and Rolfe. The surface is hard packed crushed stone. It goes through cattle and horse farms and by lots of corn fields — country all the way!

One of the most delightful spots on the western end of the trail is a little lady sitting in a chair holding a sign saying "Sally says enjoy Three-Rivers Trail." Someone who lives across the road from the trail placed this little "welcome" lady, along with pots of flowers, at a small bridge that crosses a ditch from the road to the trail. It is so encouraging to know that people who live there enjoy the trail enough to add to its personality. We loved her — it made our day.

the easiest place we found to access the trail is Humboldt, on US-169, which is just about the halfway point. We were surprised to also find a North/South spur of the trail there.

We found very good accommodations at Fort Dodge.

This is a great trail — if you are in the area, don’t miss it. Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved