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Biking in Eastern Pennsylvania on the
Stony Valley Railroad Grade Trail

This is a 22 mile crushed stone trail with endpoints at Dauphin and Lebanon Reservoir. It is extremely remote - there is not one sign of civilization from one end of the trail to the other. The huge mounds of stones through the valley left by the ice age are so incredibly beautiful you will want to make frequent stops just to enjoy the view.

To reach the trail's eastern terminus, take I-81 to Exit 30 (Lickdale), take State Route 72 north to State Route 443 east to Gold Mine Road, which veers off 443 to the left. Follow Gold Mine Road to the State Game Lands entrance on the left.

When bicycling from east to west on the trail, more than half way is a down-hill grade. The next time we are in that area we'll try to find the western end of the trail so we can ride the uphill grade first. (I always like to get the hardest part of the ride in first!) From the hand-drawn map, it appears that the western end is on Stony Creek Valley Road which is off US-22 south of Dauphin. Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved