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Bicycling the River Trail at Sioux City

This is not a rail trail, but a bicycling and walking trail system on the river that begins in a beautiful park in the city and runs north for about five miles. We spotted this trail while passing through Sioux City last summer ('97) and decided to stop to enjoy it this year. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

The park on the river features flower gardens and an outdoor concert area -- it is impressive, and would be the envy of most any city in the U.S.

An interesting view from the trail is where the Big Sioux River runs in to the Missouri.

We received the following message from Jim Aune, Topeka Kansas:
"The river trail also runs from the south near Highway 20 to just below the park on the river. Staying in the south part of town you can pick up the start of a new bike trail at the city park located at the industrial road exit off I-29. It runs between the interstate and the Missouri River upstream to the the Floyd River (it will connect with the rest of the River Trail when they figure out how to get across the Floyd). This part of the trail runs thru some pretty wooded areas with great views of the river. Also if you go under I-29 there is an interesting side loop that goes to the new baseball park.

If your trip takes you to Sioux Falls SD (90 miles north) the city has a 14 mile paved bike path that almost runs completely around the city, it will be compete in the future. A good starting point is Falls Park. This lovely trail follows the Big Sioux River for most of its length. "

(Good information -- Thank you Mr. Aune!) Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved