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Bicycling on the George S. Michelson Trail in the The Mount Rushmore State

The George S. Michelson is a 110-mile trail running through the heart of the Black Hills with endpoints at Deadwood and Edgemont.

Mount Rushmore is only a few miles away, but not visible from the trail; however, you ride right by the Chief Crazy Horse sculpture. The teepee camping sites below are looking toward the Crazy Horse Monument.

If you park in Hill City and ride to Custer, the trail is up hill for about 15 miles (topping off at the Crazy Horse Monument), then down hill for 5 more miles into Custer. By that time you'll be ready for lunch at the small local restaurant on the trailside. This route makes coming back a breeze!

This is a wonderful trail. Don't miss it. Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved