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Riding in Western Montana — The Norpac Trail in Lolo National Forest

What a pleasant surprise. We LOVED this trail!! Starting out, we did not expect to enjoy it. The surface was rocky and we were riding beside I-90. The prospect of a rough ride along with heavy traffic was not too exciting. The surprise was that the surface soon smoothed out, sometimes even quite smooth; we were far enough away from the highway that you seldom realized it was there -- and eventually it wasn't. The trail loops around mountain ledges completely away from the highway.

Although riding from Saltese toward Lookout Pass is a constant uphill climb, it was not that difficult and we were quite shocked when we discovered how far up the mountain we were. And the ride down was WONDERFUL!

The trail crosses the Montana/Idaho State Line at Lookout Pass becoming Mullan Pass-Lookout Pass Loop to Mullan, Shoshone County Idaho. We look forward to riding it again someday and continuing all the way to Mullan. Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved