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Alum Creek Phase 2 was opened to the public October 2005. It has numerous bridges, several bridge have turns in them. Hill climbs are longer and steeper than Phase 1; many log- over require advance skill levels to navigate. Soil conditions are clay based so allow 2 days drying time after a significant rainfall. Night riding is permitted until 11:00pm. Seasonal closing from March 1 to May15th.


California  Granite Bay Trail

This is trail very suitable for beginners and stronger riders can ride it fast for a great workout. The trail starts with some fireroad riding with rolling hills with a few climbs but nothing too difficult. Once you reach the end of the fire road, look for the single track marker on your left. From here on out it's mostly smooth single track. Look for the marker marking "Center Trail" and turn right. There are some great views at the top of this trail overlooking Folsom Lake. From here, take the trail leading down off the hill. Stay straight on this trail, and you will end up back where you started at the sign for Center Trail. Follow the same trail and fire road back to your car. Stronger riders - ride this trail fast for great workout. This is an excellent local trail created by the great folks at FATRAC Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved