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Bicycling on the Hop River State Park Trail

The following information is quoted from a publication by the Vernon Parks and Recreation Trail System in 1997:

Rails-To-Trails; Hop River Linear Park Extension.
This multi-use "greenway" consists of 5.7 miles of trail along an abandoned railway (Hartford, Providence and Fishkill RR) from the Vernon/Bolton town line. From Bolton, the railway has been re-graded 15 more miles to Willimantic and is identified as a Connecticut State trail named the "Hop River Linear Park Trail". In Willimantic, it joins the Airline Linear Park Trail which is approx 40 miles long......

Rails-To-Trails; Rockville Spur.
This multi-use "greenway" consists of 3.8 miles of trail along an abandoned railway which splits from the Hop River Linear Park Trail and heads northerly into the historic center of Rockville, Ct. ...

Our one day in Vernon was spent on these two trails, and what great trails! Our favorite part of the ride was the north-east portion of The Hop River Linear Park trail. When the improved portion of the trail ended we continued to ride on the rough surface. It was REALLY rough -- two-inch sized stones piled deep! But it was so beautiful up there. In one spot you could see the confluence of three small streams. We loved it! Ferns were everywhere and so was Mountain Laurel, which was in full bloom.

As for where to park, there is a "Park and Ride" area in a Church parking lot on Highway 30 in Vernon right beside the Rockville Spur of the trail. We assumed that it would be OK to park there, even though we didn't see a sign that said so.

One word of caution. Be sure to use tick repellent when you ride this area. My husband had Lyme Disease two weeks after our ride on this trail. His doctors are sure he was bitten while we were there.

Please be aware that this site is not sponsored by the Hop River Trail management. It is simply our endorsement of a trail that we enjoyed and want people to know about. To obtain further information about the trail, you may refer to the the Rails-To-Trails' new, and search for a list of all the rail trails in Connecticut and check out the Hop River Trail link. Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved