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Riding in Central Wyoming — Shoshoni Country

This trail is almost in the center of the state, with end points in Shoshoni and Riverton. Riding this trail is what we call an "adventure!" The trail is paved from the trail head in Riverton to the outskirts of the town. That's where the adventure begins. Evidently the main use of the trail is four wheelers, not bicycles. Sometimes the trail bed is fairly smooth, sometimes it's rough and sometimes it's extremely rocky and rough! Sometimes it's by small streams with wetland terrain with weeds along side higher than your head, and other times through dry open pasture that looks like desert.

One of the "adventures" was coming to a stream where the trestle was washed out, and we found ourselves blocking a herd of range cattle -- the river was in front of them and we were behind. My husband got a little too close for their comfort, and they reminded him that he made them nervous. I was glad to give them their privacy!

Is this a trail we would ride again? Absolutely! We saw huge jack rabbits, ground squirrels, large hills of fire ants, and many different varieties of birds plus landscapes that included dry river beds and beautiful buttes. Although it wasn't the smoothest ride we've ever had, we will treasure the memory of this trail for years to come.

By the way, this is antelope country. We didn't see any from the trail, but as you ride along the highway in this area you can spot them frequently. Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved