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Glacial Lakes State Trail

This trail is listed in the 700 Great Rail-Trails book as the Richmond to Willmar trail. There's been a name change.

The Glacial Lakes Trail is located on a former Burlington Northern Railroad grade, and is generally level and wheelchair accessible. The trail is paved with asphalt for 12 miles between Willmar, Spicer, and New London. From New London to Hawick is a 6 mile long trail surfaced with crushed granite for hiking, biking and horseback riding.

The remaining 22 miles, between Hawick to just past Richmond, is undeveloped and has the original railroad stones as a surface. Some railroad bridges have been removed.

We really enjoyed this trail. We thought the area was beautiful especially the views of the lakes. This is the "land of a thousand lakes." Green Lake is huge!

This is just the kind of trail we enjoy, and one kids would love. Most of it is rural, but there are also populated areas where you can stop for a hamburger or milkshake. Wilmar was the perfect stopping place. Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved