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Riding on Vancouver Island's Galloping Goose Trail

We're not going to provide statistical information for this trail because there are some excellent web sites already doing that, one is: Galloping Goose Regional Trail. This one includes maps.

Another reference you may be interested in is, which is a website for a group of bed and breakfast establishments who would invite you to stay with them as you enjoy the Galloping Goose Trail. Their website is quite informative.

The purpose for adding this page to our web site is to share our wonderful day there and show you some photos taken that day.

This was our first trip to Vancouver Island and it rained the first day and a half. But that was OK. It gave us a chance to shop in Victoria, visit some of the museums and, when it cleared the second afternoon, visit the beautiful Butchart Gardens. The third day was sunny and beautiful. A perfect day for a long bicycle ride.

We found a parking lot beside the trail just off Highway 1 where the trail pavement ends and the surface becomes hard- packed dirt (or crushed stone, we can't tell the difference). It was a good surface.

We rode through a couple of small towns, but most of the route was rural; lots of it through wooded areas and occasionally past beautiful lakes or past small farms with pastures of cattle or sheep. Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved