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Bicycling Along the Elroy Sparta Trail

This trail is 32 miles of hard packed crushed limestone surface with endpoints at Elroy and Sparta. It is one of the oldest rail trails in the country.

There are three tunnels - two of them are one-forth mile long and the other is just under a mile long. Flashlights and jackets are recommended when walking bikes through the tunnels.

The trail goes through the small towns of Kendall, Wilton and Norwalk, which are "biker friendly" towns. There are rest areas, convenience stores and cafes along the way.

Sparta claims to be the "Bicycling Capital of America." If you ever go there, you will agree.

This is one of our very favorite trails. We've biked it twice and hope to go there again someday.

For detailed information on this trail, check out these websites: Elroy-Sparta State Trail, Rails from Trails, and Mike Bentley's ride report at Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved