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Bicycling in the State of Iowa on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail

This is a 52-mile rail trail with end points at Hiawatha, which is a suburb of Cedar Rapids, and Evansdale, which is a suburb of Waterloo. This is said to be the longest trail in the country that links two metropolitan areas. Because of this, we expected the trail to go through heavily populated areas. How wrong we were! We soon discovered that the name "Nature Trail" was justified. It is a nationally designated recreation trail and an excellent place to spot wildlife, including deer, badgers, wild turkeys and many varieties of birds.

It's paved for the first 15 miles or so on the north end, the remainder is hard packed limestone. Trees shade most of the way, with views of the Cedar River and a few open spaces so one can enjoy the beautiful Iowa corn and bean fields.

This is beautiful trail — if you are in the area, don’t miss it.

For more information, check out the Cedar Valley Trail Website. It has all the information you need, including a map. Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved