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Bicycling on Cape Cod

This is a 22-mile asphalt trail with end points at historic South Dennis to LeCount Hallow Road at the National Seashore-Marconi Area in Wellfleet.

June 16, 2007, marked the completion of Phase 2 of a $6.2 million trail reconstruction. The trail was shortened three miles by building bridges over Route 6, which eliminated on-road sections. Many other safety improvements have been made; one being the surface, which is now consistently 10 feet wide. There's also expanded parking and much more.

Activities allowed are: Walking, horseback riding, biking, cross country skiing, in-line skating, and it is wheelchair accessible. A good place to park is at the Nickerson Sate Park in Brewster on Highway 6A. This is just about the half-way point of the trail.

In addition to quaint villages, this wonderful trail passes through pine woods and salt marshes, by cranberry bogs and freshwater ponds. We thoroughly enjoyed the variety of birds: Eastern Bluebirds, Baltimore Orioles, Gold Finches, Red Birds, etc.; however, the greatest thrill was the swans. We're not experts, but we think they were Whistling Swans. They were huge, by far the largest we had ever seen. One had six small ones swimming in a row behind her and the other was sitting on her nest on a raised bog in the pond.

Another thing we enjoyed on this trail was an old graveyard right beside the trail near Wellfleet. If you enjoy reading the epitaphs on ancient tombstones, you'll love this one. Some are so weathered that they cannot be read, but we could make out the wording on several dated in the 1700's.

Someone there suggested that we not stop when the trail ended at LeCount Hollow Road, but turn right on that road for a short distance and then ride up Ocean View Drive. Since there was very little traffic, we took that advice and thoroughly enjoyed the view of the hills with the wind blowing the tall grass and the ocean far below. It looked like a scene in a movie.

We would recommend this trail to anyone. It's a great reason to visit beautiful Cape Cod. Don't miss it if you are in the area.

Please be aware that this site is not sponsored by the Cape Cod Rail Trail management. It is simply our endorsement of a trail that we enjoyed and want people to know about. To obtain further information about the trail, you may refer to the Cape Cod Bike Book, website; Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved