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Bicycling on the Silver Comet Trail

This trail had been on our "want to ride" list for a long time, and we finally had the opportunity to ride it in October, 2005. It more than met our expectations!

The trail begins in Smyrna and goes 37.47 miles to Rockmart. then picks up again at Cedartown and goes to the Alabama border. The Smyrna trailhead is not far off the I-285 beltway around Atlanta. It was wonderful to find a sign on I-285 informing travelers to take Exit #15 for the Silver Comet Trail. After you exit I-285, signs direct you to the trailhead.

The signs leading to the eastern trailhead were, however, the only signs we found to parking places. You will need a map to find trail access west of Smyrna; which can be found at:

The official website is Silver Comet Trail, but the map has not been updated since 2002 and does not show the western end, the portion from Cedartown to the Alabama border.

The first several miles of the eastern section goes through thickly populated areas. The trail is heavily used by young families. It's wonderful to see families with small children enjoying the trail together, that's why we call Rail Trails "Family Value Trails." It's obvious that a lot of young adults use the trail for exercise too. Since it's paved many ride road bikes; they take full advantage of not having to deal with traffic and ride at top speed for many miles.

We've ridden rail trails all over the US and in Canada, but this was the first we've ridden that has lights in overpass tunnels. There are also lights in the Brush Mountain Railroad Tunnel at milepost 30.79. This is a first-class trail!

Riding west, the trail becomes more remote by degrees. Eventually there were long stretches that are totally country with no houses in sight. You might expect to practically have the trail to yourself that far away from heavily populated areas; however we found it was best to stay on the right side of the trail; the road bikers ride at top speed out there.

The surface is paved all the way. It appears that many adjoining property owners appreciate the trail and plant flowers and do other things to make it look like a park. It certainly is a beautiful trail. Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved