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Riding in Montana on The River's Edge Trail

This is a review of our ride on the River's Edge Trail in early September, 2004.

This is a 25 mile trail,11 miles paved and 14 miles of gravel or single and double track, that wanders along the river in the City of Great Falls and on the outskirts. Because we were only there one day, we rode only the paved portion. Although we were there to ride the trail, there were other things there that were interesting too.

A connector path leads from the main trail to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center which was very interesting. This area is, of course, part of the Lewis and Clark Trail. They came up the Missouri River right along where this bike path goes now on their outward journey. Of course, they had to portage through here because of the falls. So, who knows, when you ride this trail you may be riding exactly where Lewis and Clark and their crew walked carrying their canoes and supplies.

Another interesting side path took us to a trout hatchery, and we thoroughly enjoyed that too.

The entire area is beautiful. The path leaves the river just before getting to the Interpretive Center and goes over the hills. Although it was steep in places, the view from the hills overlooking the river and the lower falls was beautiful. It would have been nice to have had binoculars, but we didn't think of taking them on a bike ride.

If you are traveling to this area and are interested in history, don't miss Fort Benton which is not many miles northwest of Great Falls.

Please see the official website the The River's Edge Trail for further information that we cannot provide. Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved