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Bicycling on the Illinois Prairie Path

This 62-mile trail connects the communities of Maywood, Wheaton, Aurora, Batavia, Elgin and Geneva. If you are familiar with these towns, you might shake your head and say "How can that be?" The main stem connects Maywood and Wheaton. From Wheaton there is a branch to Aurora. Off that branch is a spur to Batavia. Another branch from Wheaton goes to Elgin, and off that branch is a spur to Geneva. Both branches and both spurs connect to the Fox River Trail. Almost all the surface is crushed limestone, some of it is paved.

We started in Geneva, riding the Fox River Trail south to pick up the Batavia Spur toward Wheaton. From Wheaton we took the Elgin Branch and then the Geneva Spur which took us back to the Fox River Trail. And we thoroughly enjoyed it! Although we rode through a few busy suburbs, much of the ride was away from traffic and through prairie, wetland and wooded areas.

One thing that made our day special was having a 17-year-old along. David Scott, who lives in Geneva, was great fun and really livened the day up for two "old seniors".

For further information, including the option of ordering a full color map, check out their website,

Please be aware that this page is neither created nor supported by the Illinois Prairie Path management. It is simply our endorsement of a trail that we enjoyed and want people to know about. Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved